We are Physical Performance Specialists that regularly work with and advise the UK’s top amateur and professional competitors in all classes from qualifiers through to the Olympia stage.

Areas of Expertise

Strength & conditioning along with functional training and nutrition/weight management for competitive and non-competitive physique athletes – including, uniquely, stage presentation coaching for all competitive classes. We also offer sports specific training for the sport of your choice as we are experts in exercise prescription and technique.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help every one of our clients reach their greatest possible potential in an environment of integrity and respect whilst inspiring through leadership, motivation and example.



Our Qualifications & Achievements

■   BSc 1st Class Honours Health and Exercise Science
■   IFBB Certified Personal Trainers & Training Prescription Specialists
■   IFBB Masters Bodybuilding & Fitness Methods
■   PCA Officials
■   Officiate at National & International bodybuilding contests
■   3rd and 4th Dan Black Belts in Shotokan Karate
■   5 Welsh Bodybuilding Titles, 2 British, 1 European and Competitive Experience World Level

Exercise Library

We have a growing library of tutorial films to teach you how to do it properly. Learn from the best!

We feature exercises and techniques that we use with our clients. Some will be familiar, some will seem familiar but will have an ‘evil twist’ and some exercises will be completely new to you. Your training will never have to be boring again!

Just highlight the relevant body-part section and you can put together a completely new routine every time you train!

New exercises will be added on a regular basis.





Contact Us

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Personal Training With Empower Bodybuilding

Mike & Leica coach and train people from their base at G.A.H Gym, South Wales. Their diary is often full due to the large number of clients they have, which include many that are personal trainers and coaches themselves.  New clients are always welcome and spaces will be made in the schedule wherever possible.

Single session = £45
Block of 5 sessions = £175
Block of 10 sessions = £250


To book a session with Mike or Leica, select your preferred option from the menu below:

Personal Training

When payment has been received, we will email you and book your appointments.




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