Everyone is different. The same training program and/or exercises can have two widely differing effects from person to person. In bodybuilding this is usually explained by a very misused term – genetics! How many times have you heard a person’s success or even lack of it being put down to genetics? Quite a few I should imagine! What about hard training, desire, consistency, good nutrition, there are so many factors involved and usually good genetics can only be attributed in hindsight!

The same training program and/or exercises can produce greater or smaller results in various individuals. How many times have you heard someone in the gym saying they are following so and so’s program because they got huge following it? The results? Nowhere near what they were expecting. They are plenty of great ways to train and they all work to one degree or another but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should follow them to the tee. Only the general idea of a sound training program needs to be understood, followed and for those with the experience creatively employed. Remember, bodybuilding is all about variety, intensity and volume – adjust a training routine to suit your ideals in theses areas.

Notice in the above paragraph I used the term ‘creatively employed’ – I believe that training, especially in the advanced bodybuilder, is as much an art as it is science. Those who understand this will continually adapt what they do in the gym depending on how they feel, the results they are getting from a particular exercise and what response they need at the time. The main aim being to stress the working muscles as much as possible.

Also, be careful when reading about scientific research into training methods and reported average values for certain program’s. Remember these are AVERAGE values and only average bodybuilders train using average methods. Champions are far from average and to get exceptional results from training you have to push yourself to the limit!

Use training methods that work, adapt them to get the results you want and above all push yourself harder than you have pushed yourself before!

Mike Gelsei BSc